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Art Auction

I keep forgetting that people can draw like this and bring a line to life. So amazing it is scary. Rolf Harris eat your heart out.

Positive Pig

He's there to make money and he is positive so it is working.
He asks for your money without oinking.

James Chutter is homophobic

He's also probably sectarian, racist and moleist (doesn't like people with moles).
I heard that he also drowned a kitten once because the mother had too many and he couldn't look after them all.
He also sent this to me.

Garlic Patch

Community gardens rock / soil. 1 full plot, 4 varieties of garlic. See you in spring oh smelly ones.


I have compiled an image of everything that I have done in work since June.
It makes it look a bit like 'Not-a-lot'

Canned food should be banned

Unless it says this. I haven't eaten anything from a tin since I got back from my sailing trip - apart from this spaghetti. But it did have 'I LOVE CO IN' written in it.


I drew up these images for the DDB art auction to see what would happen.
What is more desirable - bulls and cocks or cows and hens?


I did these for the DDB art auction. They went for $40. They are little frames with bad mice titled: Grow Op Bad Mouse, Crackhead Bad Mouse and Pisshead Bad Mouse.

Crazy Dog 'Owner'

I met this little dude in China walking down the street. What a good looking rat.

Why we love Jamie

The Memory

Annas Jewellery Box

Made from Solid Canadian Oak.
2 x Finger Joints by hand.
2 x Finger Joints by machine.


I made this the other day.

I like.

One home many hopes

This is the logo I have been working on for the past few weeks for One home many hopes.

Probe my teeth

Do dentists deserve the ridiculous amounts of money we have to pay them?

Yes they do. Oh yes, yes they deserve every penny they get. Getting up early in the morning knowing that you are going to be removing the build up of shit over 5-6 months from someones teeth and then drilling another tooth then maybe getting someone gagging at you.

You wear a surgeons outfit, but your not. Take my money you overpaid, polar opposite of a tooth fairy, fairy.

You have to look at my teeth all day (see below) I on the other hand only have to look at you for 1 hour.

You could see every bump the truck went over

28th floor

The 28th floor poses many problems. Mainly in the mode of transport to the top. The awkward 4 minutes it takes to get from top to bottom with all the stop offs in between. One great reason to get one-up-man-ship on people who live in penthouses.

The views are great though.

My four dads

Yes they were.

Mounties from behind.

Had to be done. Gay and Lesbian Mounties. From Behind. Boom, boom.

Raving Ragers

Very Proud

Gay Pride. Arguably one of the fun and funniest things I have seen. From 50 year old (maybe the father of someone) men with their wee cheeky sneaky Canadian scrotums hanging out for all to see to the Vancouver Gay dog society. Brilliant. I'm nearly thinking of converting if it allows me to wear all those tight pants in the sun.

You have to be kidding

No actually this is for total real.

Maybe they should have given him a bottle of cider and called him Diamond White Dan. Maybe they have been sponsored by them. Who knows. By the way I also heard that the illustration was ripped off from someone in Derby. There are about 2 million illustrations in getty if you search and they had to rip off this one. Brilliant.

Pee 'Show me your lipstick' Wee

PeeWee (actual name)
PeeWee (actual size)

Festival of Might

Who has the most cash to blow. Canada, America or China. Who wins, you decide - but it will still cost us all about 4 million.

Night and nearly night

The new apartment looks over this towards the evening time and at the wee cheeky sneaky eveningness.

The Cheaper Show

A show in Vancouver where artist sell their work. The best bit is that they are all for $200 flat rate. Here art the peices that we got after queuing to get in for about 2 hours then waiting to pay for 1 hour.

Baked Mr Potato

1 Mr Potoato
1 Baking Tray

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and bake for 45 minutes.

Do these things really exist

Vancouver aquarium is amazing, when I think of the sea, I think about fish, dolphins and at a stretch whales. This is a few of the photos I got from there.

The Beluga whale has just given birth to this little, 7ft baby.