You could see every bump the truck went over

28th floor

The 28th floor poses many problems. Mainly in the mode of transport to the top. The awkward 4 minutes it takes to get from top to bottom with all the stop offs in between. One great reason to get one-up-man-ship on people who live in penthouses.

The views are great though.

My four dads

Yes they were.

Mounties from behind.

Had to be done. Gay and Lesbian Mounties. From Behind. Boom, boom.

Raving Ragers

Very Proud

Gay Pride. Arguably one of the fun and funniest things I have seen. From 50 year old (maybe the father of someone) men with their wee cheeky sneaky Canadian scrotums hanging out for all to see to the Vancouver Gay dog society. Brilliant. I'm nearly thinking of converting if it allows me to wear all those tight pants in the sun.