The Cheaper Show

A show in Vancouver where artist sell their work. The best bit is that they are all for $200 flat rate. Here art the peices that we got after queuing to get in for about 2 hours then waiting to pay for 1 hour.

Baked Mr Potato

1 Mr Potoato
1 Baking Tray

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and bake for 45 minutes.

Do these things really exist

Vancouver aquarium is amazing, when I think of the sea, I think about fish, dolphins and at a stretch whales. This is a few of the photos I got from there.

The Beluga whale has just given birth to this little, 7ft baby.

Hierarchy Roadkill

You're driving along the road and you see a bear on one side and some beautiful deer on the other and no other way to get through. What one do you choose.
This should be a new question on the Canadian Driving Test.

Happy Puddles

I have heard so many people comment on the Rain here in Vancouver. I am still of the firm opinion that it is still beautiful even in the rain.

Today I decided to show how beautiful the city is from the point of view of the Puddles. Oh happy puddles. There view must be amazing.

Using my waterproof camera I went looking for puddles deep enough to submerge the camera and get a view from their view.

I think it looks quite nice.

It's kind of a dream of mine to have a place like the guy I met this morning at inline designs. I was looking to get a wee cheeky sneaky chair made and had seen this chair ages ago and thought that he could possibly help. He has basically made a career out of one idea 'Bad Chair' it is actually amazing. He works out of his studio/workshop that seems like a pretty blissful place to be.
Now I need to figure out how I do it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. Hope you have a great day.

Colin and Anna - Cringe by the way.

English Bay

It's a beach made from the silt left from the bay. A beautiful beach that is technically a wee cheeky sneaky bit of dirt.

Would Pop-eye have cacked himself?

These shots were taken in a Hurricane force 10 in the middle of the Pacific on a 68 ft yacht with 4 people sitting on deck dumping themselves. I was standing and semi dumping. It was a wee sneaky cheeky bit scary.

I Remember

Tom Sayer and Huckleberry Finn. Apparently the poor dude is now a media Mogul whereas Tom Sayer is homeless in Texas, drying grass for food and hats.

Their world must be unbelievable.

We saw some killer Killer Whales the other day off Victoria Island.

It made me jealous to think that they come up, look at us, blow some water and then go down to 'have the craic' in their world. A world that we will never know about. 

It's like going to a big outdoor party, being able to hear the messing but not able to get in. 

They are living the life down there, killing, eating, doing their Celine Dion impressions and being whales. We just skim along the surface and click our cameras.

Fair play to them - you know they'd be saying the same if they could see me after a few wee cheeky sneaky 'Jagerbombs' on the dance floor.

They spell it but they don't say it.

Say the word 'Boat' then take off the 'B'. 

Thats how I'm beginning to talk. It's like my old friend Francis Strange from school who went to England for the weekend and came back with a wee cheeky sneaky Brummy accent. 

It's so bad, it's infectious.


It's incredible when you look out of your window and see so many other people who could be doing the same. This wee cheeky sneaky view is more amazing at night when you see the lights on. It's like Glitter in slow motion as people come in, turn their lights on then turn them off.

I could easily sit and watch this instead of the telebox. Although I couldn't do without my weekly fix of Extreme Makeover - Home edition where I sit dreaming about what horrible scam I would have to do to get them to come and build me one of those monster houses for free.